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New Story

My last story sucked major balls, I think it was because I felt like I had to write it because I told Kimmy I would. Making me force out something that wasn't ready yet. Here is a new one I wrote in my normal style and way, meaning it's dark and dreary and I wrote it by dictating it to myself over and over again while working. I'm glad I work alone, the content would have scared the shit out of others.

The room was a reddish brown color, like nearly coagulated blood. A large steel bed, if you could call such an uncomfortable contraption a bed is placed directly in the center of this ghastly room. A sickly looking form is bound to this metal monstrosity with double reinforced leather binds, though the form does not look as though it possesses enough body weight to even lift it’s head, much less break any bonds. Gummed, dry, yellowed eyes scrape open, the irises brown, the pupils dilated. The eyes look tired, pained, the close again for a moment but fly open as a sound begins. The sound is a soft noise, like far off steamworks in ill repair, or a muffled radio tuned to dead air. The eyes give a wild looking about the room and the form begins to struggle weakly. He doesn’t posses the strength to do more then move the large chain links that are connected to the leather that bind his hands behind his head and his feet crossed, as though he was resting.

His mouth opens to scream, where his tongue should be there is only an ugly black piece of skin that oozes green and yellows mucus, the only sound he can make is a hollow ready sound like that of a great beast giving it’s dying breath. The noise changes, takes form into a pulsing almost heart beat. His body is shaken and twisted in pain at every beat. Hs stomach begins to distend like a gruesome balloon at a devil’s ball. The sound he is making raises to a shill keening, like a beat that knows it’s going to die and has given up but must make a noise because of the pain. A small part of his skin, right above his navel, pokes up like a knife is being pushed through. After a bit of a poke a sharp claw like finger stabs through with a wet ripping noise. A mouth with razor sharp fangs sucks at the life giving air before more poking occurs. With a grunt the creature pushes both it’s claw like hands out of the now dead man’s body.

It drags it’s misshapen form off of the table and falls to the ground. It makes a racking cough noise and blood spatters on the ground. It makes an almost human sound as it clear it’s throat. Now able to breathe deeply it looks around the room before falling to the ground and making a low soft noise. It’s bones and sinews rip and break as it grows even larger. The rapid process breaks and reforms it’s bones countless time but instead of pain the creature writhes about in pleasure. After a while the breaking stop and the now long creature pulls itself up to full height. It’s skin color can be seen where the blood has rubbed away, it’s pale milky white. The thing’s knees are backwards and it’s long legs end in cloven hooves. It’s face has no nose, like a skull, and black deep set eyes. It examines the room closely, curiously, having completely forgotten the corpse. After a small amount of time passes an opening in the left hand, from the bed, wall appears. The creature curiously walks though and it snaps shut behind him.

After a few moment s the main door to the room opens and a huge creature enters. He looks like a hug, fat, human, but with small piggish eyes and the same skull like nose. He makes sure the smaller creature is not in the room and motions behind him, out the door. Three creatures that look like smaller versions of him enter and clear away the body, which has been ripped in half. The giant creature pushes aside odd chunks of meat and a pull of blood, clearing the table completely and spattering the wall, then once again motions behind him. Two of the smaller creatures drag in a young girl, looking to be in her late teens. She’s shrieking and putting up such a fight it looks as though she may escape, until the larger creature makes an enraged grunt and grabs her by the shoulders and hauls her to the table. He holds her down with his sheer weight while the smaller ones bind her. He pulls a large needle, the eyes purposefully big, and jams it in her gut and presses the plunger all the way down. She shrieks in pure pain and begins to thrash on the table. The low far away hissing sound begins again and she fights until she passes out from the sheer amount pain.
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