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R@nd0m p03m

I have a thing for writing slightly angsty love poems. Not that I've ever been in a relationship b4, but I've been crushing on sum1 very special 2 me 4 almost a year now, and I'd like 2 post some of my stuff 4 y'all. I also post on my personal LJ, btw. Well, here goes, n I hope ya like it!!


Dark, mysterious eyes
That make me melt
I am at their command
Helpless like a child
Frozen with fear,
With awe and amazement
At how such subtle features
Can be so mezmerizing
The one I gaze at with
Hair like silk that
I long to touch
I want to brush it
Out of his beautiful eyes
And be able to
Simply look at him
And adore him
It cannot be
fr now, at least
But maybe,
Some day...

So, post your thoughts, comments, etc. I hope you enjoyed it!
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