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"Close Your Eyes"

To anyone who had a problem with my last entry (about not spelling out short words like "to" and "see" and "for"), I appologize, and I will try to be more professional when I post in this community. The issue was brought to my attention in a comment on my previous entry, and I addressed it accordingly, but just in case others didn't see it, I'm also mentioning it here. I'm sure you take this community very seriously, and so do I, so I'll try to be more respectful of that.

And now, I'll share with you a poem that I wrote awhile ago. It's not a love poem, as most of mine are, but I think it's worth a read. Let me know if you feel the same!

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes
The world behind you eyelids
Your pulsating heart
The rotating Earth
Close your eyes
The crumbling world
God, come save us
Before it's too late
Close your eyes
The soft music
Like a flickering candle
The wild song in your heart
Close your eyes

I most likely wrote this when I couldn't get to sleep. I wrote a lot of poems in summer school P.E., but I think I wrote this on a camping trip. -_-;
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